Best Crossfit Exercises You Can Do at Home

CrossFitCrossfit workout has become a very popular physical activity among many fitness programs. Due to the unique approach and high-intensity training, more and more individuals are actively taking part in crossfitting as a challenging way of getting healthy and physically fit. Crossfit workout incorporates different workout elements, which are integrated in one activity, thus enhancing the strength, endurance, stamina, muscle coordination and overall domains of the body. Furthermore, crossfit workout also improves your respiratory endurance, speed, accuracy and agility, which mainly targets your metabolic pathways through peak exertion.

Crossfit combines different exercises in one, including combat sports, weightlifting, swimming, running, rowing and cycling which many athletes to improve their body condition normally do with. Many crossfitters mainly typically do their crossfit exercise inside the gym or in some training program that offers complete session or daily crossfit workout. However, not all people find it convenient to take their crossfit workout in a gym or crossfit training program because of some personal reasons such as inadequacy of time, gym distance, budget, busy work schedule and others.

In fact, you do not have to require yourself going back in forth to the gym or enroll in a pricey training sessions just to do a crossfit exercise. Whether you don’t have much time to make it to the gym or don’t want to fork over your cash, you can still perform crossfit exercise on you own premise. How? The following are some of the helpful step on how you can do crossfit exercise even at the comfort of your abode:

  1. Pull Ups

If you do don’t have a pull up bar in your home, you can have a modified version of this equipment with the use of kitchen table. But before performing your pull ups, make sure that your kitchen table is stable and strong, which can be able to support your weight as you work out. First, hold on the edge of your table and walk your legs under. Contact them then pull your chest up (close to the table) and then lower. This is very helpful especially for beginner crossfit workouts, but you can also improve the difficulty of your workout and advance your cross fit training by straightening your legs.

  1. Handstand Push Up

If you you can perform a handstand push up, then it would be great to do it on a flat surface of your home. Perhaps you can do it in your living room or even in your room. Handstand push up are great for developing the shoulder’s strength, however, not everyone can do this workout especially beginners.

For beginners, you can do a modified version of this crossfit exercise by placing your feet on a flat chair to take away some of your weight while you lay your hand flat on the floor as you push up. Make sure your elbows don’t flare straight out and must be in a 45⁰ angle towards your body.

  1. One-legged Squats or Pistol Squat

Pistol squat are part of crossfit exercise that is a feat for balance and flexibility. For a full pistol or one-legged squats, you can hold on to a chair so took keep your body execution stabilize as you perform your exercise. Keep a proper form with your knees tracking towards your second and third toe as your hip and but goes back and forth (but not necessarily over your toes).

  1. Burpess

Doing burpees doesn’t require any equipment. The ideal crossfit burpees workout is at the span of 15 reps. To do this exercise, first you have to drop your arms onto the ground, then throw your legs back so it would look like you are about to push up. Bring your legs back to the middle once again to crouch, and then jump as while clapping your hands above the head. After that, you have to do a jumping air squat, keep your two knees bent with hips low to the ground with your back straight, then jump.

The third form in burpees is sit up exercise, get on the floor with legs bent, your feet should touch each other. Put arms over your head and keep this form as you get up. The last part of Burpee is the leg lift exercise. Stay flat on the floor and then place your hands under your buttocks. Afterwards, lift your legs up in 90⁰ angle then put it down about 45⁰ angle, then do it repeatedly.

Not only does crossfit exercise improve your Physique, but it is also a great way to become healthy while being fit. But doing crossfit exercise doesn’t have to be costly at all. You can also do this kind of exercise even you are at home. The guidelines above are some of the few helpful steps on how to do so.